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Film Review: The Cabin in the Woods

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A Big Surprise

Thereafter The Cabin in the Woods continues to intrigue, amuse and surprise; in fact it’s not until it’s over, and the afterglow of a good movie starts to dim, that you realise that it didn’t make a lick of sense. If that sounds mean-spirited, given Cabin’s monstrous entertainment value, maybe it is; it hangs together well enough while you’re watching it; but movies aren’t designed to be seen just the once, and the ones that dare to woo the brain, like this one, make that approach in the full knowledge that each revelation will be tested upon repeat viewing. Ideas that don’t quite cohere, like floes in an ice field, get pulled apart as you look at them.

At the climax of Cabin… we’re left with enough questions to make you boss-eyed. Amongst them, if Curt doesn’t have a cousin, as suggested at the end, where and how was the idea to visit the Cabin implanted? Does the company have so much control over individuals that it can manipulate them onto the horror grid? How is such a facility constructed? By whom? Can a sacrificial ritual that pivots on free will work when none of the protagonists would choose to die if they had the choice and in the event, can only be forced to play their parts by being drugged and manipulated? If all life signs are monitored why weren’t the gallery guys aware that Marty was alive? It was a good twist for the audience, but a glaring error for the company, as he was around long enough to work out a way into the facility and save the virgin from certain death. If the ritual sacrifice is for the benefit of evil Gods, why are there so many different versions, including one in which none of the sacrificial archetypes are involved? In fact, why are the rituals modelled on horror movies at all? Did these supernatural beings only become conscious in the 1970s? How was it done in ancient times? When did these God’s become active again? How?

I could go on but I think you get the idea.

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Directed by: Drew Goddard

Country: US

Year: 2012

Running Time: 95 mins

Certificate: 15 for impenetrable logic.

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