Film Critics: Your Myths Debunked

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In most working cultures it’s a given that support is conducive to a productive atmosphere. As an employee you might even expect it. But imagine if your boss instituted a new system whereby the general public, who’d been briefed on what you did for five minutes, were invited to file into your office each day and comment on your performance. What’s that, you’d quit? Well, that my friends, is the lot of the humble film scribe.

Don’t wilfully misunderstand, as is your wont; writing about movies is a pleasure. It’s no bind. But when you’re invited to participate in the discussion we’ve instigated, say through the comment section on our webzone, or on aggregating sites like Rotten Tomatoes, it might be nice to know you’ve put the same amount of thought into your response as we’re obliged to do when considering our argument. What’s that, you do? You don’t you know. You really don’t.

In fact such is the group think that characterises the most typical responses to reviews, old favourites, the most popular myths, are compiled on the next page, along with a rebuttal which, for the sake of the argument, we’ll call a corrective. Read on, but more importantly, think on.

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