Fairytale in the Supermarket (very short story)

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A purposeful march, up down up down through supermarket isles. Others pushing past as I march, ‘excuse me’ ‘sorry’ ‘excuse me’ ‘sorry’. As I look round at my passers by one by one they lose their heads; the heads, they do not fall to the ground they do not leave a trace, they just vanish. Then, just as quick as they had vanished, the heads reappear however not on the heads of their previous owners but instead on the shelves of the shop. Before long my head too is relocated to the supermarket shelf. Silky hair, perfect teeth, long eye-lashes, pink lips, high cheek bones, sculpted eyebrows: these are the heads at the front of the shelves. Big teeth, pointy ears, thin dry lips, chubby cheeks: these heads are put on lower shelves where people don’t look. Thinking heads, dreaming heads, science heads, literature heads, philosophy heads, diy heads: these heads are at the very back. out of sight out of mind.

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