Poetry: I am an addict

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An empty token,

A black and white floor.


The light falls on your closed eyes,

You were not sleeping anyway.


I am an addict,

Caught in the body of a sober man,

Nothing fuels my thinking,

Nothing ever can.


Fear and pain

Or just slow decay?



There is no need to think of death,

It is inevitable,

It can only happen once.


One day it will descend.


Once we were superheroes,

In that we did not exist,

But we do now.


And what does this token represent?


Another year.


The light brushes your eyelids and you can see.


I am an addict of your eyes

As they realize.


They look at the empty token on the floor.


I am an addict of your mouth

As it speaks, and the dust from your pillow hits the light.


We were superheroes once,

In that we did not exist,

But we do now,

Minute by minute we decay.



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