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‘We expect it within days.’
And so the waiting starts.

‘Should we go and visit?’
‘No I don’t think that will be necessary.’

‘Shall we pray?’
‘Yes, lets pray’

So we pray,
Although I know that I think that God is nonsense,
I think we just feel the need to do

So we pray,
And we wait,
And we hope.

But we do not visit.

So he rots alone.

‘We expect him to die within days.’

Until then we ready ourselves to cry,
We do not wear black,
We do not tell him that we love him,
‘He is not dead yet!’
But we all know he will not recover.

We do not take the last opportunity
To see him,
Instead we pray to a man we do not believe in,
And pretend that it is helping.

He is dead,
We write and talk about him,
We sit and eat sandwiches and wear black,
We do not pray anymore.

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