the innocent heart

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As all do stand and stand around,
Looking for somebody to blame,
For the blowing wind
And the falling rain
And the bright, red, burning flames.

As all do sit and sit and stare,
Looking for someone to hate,
For meanings weak and strong,
Like love
And taste
And hope
And fate.

As all do lay and lay in dirt,
Looking for themselves to blame and hate,
For everything,
Nobody stops them,
This pattern of self-loathing,
This circle of loathing others,
Sisters, mothers, daughters, brothers,
Caught between two warring lovers,
Now haters, fighters.

Breaking anything that’s cared for,
It just can’t, just can’t be worth it
For it will leave
And it will hurt
And it will burn, will burn us all,
These things like blowing wind and love and falling rain and taste and brightest, reddest, hottest flame and hope and loathing and hate and fate.

Charred corpses left,
Through truest care,
As all do stand and sit and lay and lay and stand and sit and say:
‘Who can we stare at and not care?
Who can we throw in the dirt and then stare and stare
And not care and not care that we don’t care?’
For care will manifest in fire,
Fire will break through deep desire
Right through bare and open flesh,
So innocent it asks:
‘Why did you stare and not care?
Why was I thrown in the dirt for you to stare and stare
And not care and not care that you don’t care?’
That lack of care did manifest in fire,
And break through my deepest of deep desire
And burn me through my innocent flesh,
To my innocent heart, my innocent heart, my once beating, innocent heart.

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