The Ooh Tray promise is to provide you with reviews you can trust, assuming you agree with the writer in question, else you’ll be naturally suspicious but frankly, as long as the piece tests your opinions and provokes an intense period of reflection, that’s okay.

Reviews can and should be companion pieces to the work under the glass. That’s what you’ll find here. Hype, marketing and ‘the general feeling in the room afterwards’ are filtered out, leaving the distillate that is fair and critical analysis; the kind of free thinking that content producers dread.

Remember, real reviews discuss the entire work, so will often contain what kids and Whovians call “spoilers”. If you’re after a consumer preview, i.e. a plot synopsis with a recommendation tacked on the end, you have everywhere else to choose from. It’s just actual critiques here I’m afraid.

So for a fresh perspective on what you’re putting in your eyes read on. You’re very welcome, just don’t touch anything, okay?