Film Review: Sherlock Holmes – A Game of Shadows

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The Adventure of the Ritchie Photoplay

The cab driver now opened the door.

“It’s alright,” said he, “go on in, enjoy the show. I’ll be waiting to take you home afterwards.”

“Look here!” I ejaculated, “what has happened? You mean us to just do as you ask, without explanation?”

It was then that I noticed Holmes. His expression was fixed, locked between amusement and concern. I followed his gaze and came upon a poster adorned with two gentleman dressed in nineties attire. The poster’s text read:

Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows – A film by Guy Ritchie

“Watson,” said Holmes gravely, “we must proceed”.

The two hours that followed were truly remarkable. Holmes and I sat inside a sparse auditorium, almost protestant in its minimalism. Its rejection of the ornate had its own logic, however. Once the performance began it was clear that nothing was to distract one’s gaze from the play of light and shadow projected onto the white curtain that lay in place of the stage. I’d once attended a travelling fayre on the bank of the Thames and had experienced the cinematograph, though remained underwhelmed by the experience, but this was a manifestation of colour and movement as vivid as life. The figures on screen spoke to each other as two men may converse on the street and the confluence of sound, music and movement was quite unlike anything I’d ever seen. It was a magic trick to rival the most audacious ever conceived.

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Directed by: Guy Ritchie

Country: US

Year: 2011

Running Time: 128 mins

Certificate: 12A for an ill-advised drag act, exploding trees and strong Stephen Fry.

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